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You’ve probably purchased TONS of Offline courses, tools, plug-ins, software, PLR, etc. to help you get new clients as well as service your clients. And that’s great… because we need these tools to help grow our businesses.  However, did you skip the most critical step in starting your business?

Without a solid plan of action, they’re only small pieces of the overall puzzle… Without a solid plan, you could eventually face a lot of aggravating and frustrating obstacles down the road…

Starting an Offline Consulting business can be somewhat overwhelming… especially when you have SO MANY things to consider.  Instead of jumping in with both feet without preparing, you owe it to yourself to do it “right” from the beginning. Even if you’ve already started, it’s never to late to go back and tighten up some loose ends to make sure your business continues to grow and flourish.

No matter what type of Offline services you offer, this Start-Up Success Kit will help you get down to the nuts and bolts of your Offline Consulting practice.  Not only will it save you a lot of time as far as “planning,” but it contains several different components that will help walk you through the process.

Who is this Success Kit for?

  • New Offline Consultants who want to follow a detailed business plan to help them function more smoothly
  • Experienced Offline Consultants who want to take a step back and develop a plan to help grow their businesses even further

How will this Success Kit benefit you?

  • It contains some valuable business setup information and resources that will help you get things off on the right foot
  • It serves as a “reference” as you tweak and improve your business going forward
  • It will save you time so you don’t have to do it all from scratch
  • It will save you money by keeping you on track going forward as you operate your business

Let’s take a look at this kit in more detail…


3 e cover

Direct Mail Client Project Tracking Sheet! 3 Lead Generation Email Templates! Top 90 pc display


  • Offline Business Setup Blueprint! (Value: $17)

    • This 14-page guide will help you get a thorough idea about the important things you need to consider when setting up your Offline Consulting business.  It includes information about feasibility, business models, choosing a business name, website setup/domains/hosting, and the importance of setting up a marketing plan, and more….
  • Offline Business Plan Workbook and Checklist! (Value: $27)

    • This 35-page guide goes into the nuts and bolts of setting up a Business Plan for your consulting service. It is a full business plan workbook, which includes information on marketing and promotion, budgeting, competition analysis, market-share planning, business operations financial projections/forecasting, potential client research guidelines, proposed solutions guidelines, and more… it even has a full-fledged checklist to help you keep track as you create your Offline business plan.
  • Time Management Tips! (Value: $17)

    • This 18-page guide will help you manage your time more efficiently in your business, which is something ALL entrepreneurs need to do. Without proper time management, obstacles could get in the way of your success. So this guide will give you some great tips on staying focused and  managing your time wisely.
  • A Direct Mail Letter Template!

    • This professional direct mail letter template will help you figure out what you want to say to potential clients when you reach out to them via direct mail. It will help you introduce yourself and invites them to learn more about how you can help them generate more leads, sales, and profits.
  • 3 Lead Generation Email Templates!

    •  These lead generation email templates will help you introduce yourself and your business via email. You will receive an initial contact email, a follow-up to that email, and a “thank you” email to reach out to business owners after you’ve met with them.
  • BONUS #1: PowerPoint for Business Tutorial! (Value: $27)

    • This detailed PowerPoint tutorial will help you learn your way around PowerPoint a lot better. It includes all of the details that will help you (or your staff) edit any existing PowerPoint presentations you may have, as well as create new ones. Since “presenting” will be a major part of your Offline Consulting business, this will definitely come in handy. You will receive a detailed training document complete with screenshots – as well as a PowerPoint version of the training that only outlines the important points and screenshots. You will get both in PDF format.
  • BONUS #2: Client Project Tracking Sheet!

    • This client project tracking sheet will save you time by helping you keep track of projects you are working on for your clients so you know where everything stands at all times.
  • BONUS #3: Top 90 Internet Marketing Resources!

    • This document is a huge time-saver as it serves as a quick “go-to” reference for some of the common Internet Marketing resources you will need in your Offline Consulting business. I did give this to my subscribers as a bonus, but in case you missed it, it is included with this package.


    So how much is this going to cost?

A package such as this can easily cost you well over $100 depending on how you go about getting it…

In fact, it will sell on our site for much more than the great price you are getting today…

You Get This ENTIRE Premium Offline Consulting Start-Up Success Kit for this LIMITED-TIME Special Price!


Thank you for checking out this offer and good luck in your Offline Consulting business!

Kim Udell
Offline Marketing PLR Club


Usage Rights for the Offline Consulting Startup Kit:

This package is for your PERSONAL USE ONLY.

[NO] Cannot Give Away, Sell, or Transfer Private Label or Resell rights to Other Internet Marketers on the Warrior Forum, Fiverr, or any other site

[YES] Use the package contents as a Personal Resource to grow your Offline Consulting business.
[YES] Add your name to the email and direct mail templates and edit them however you want before sending to business owners.
[YES] Edit the Client Project Tracking Sheet however you want.