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Hi Kim,

A while ago I bought a package of ecourses from you — they were on  Email marketing, Social Media and Moblie Marketing, etc…

I took those ecourses, tweaked them a bit, added my info to the bottom of each email, and loaded them into my autoresponder. I set them to go out twice a week (after my  initial welcome email) and then I went on with my work…

Since then I have been focusing on giving seminars locally, and I have not driven lots of traffic to my website…yet, people still find me and sign up for my mailing list. I notice that within a week or two (or sometimes three) I usually get an email or phone call from someone who has joined my list and want to know if I can help them…

I get SO MANY COMPLIMENTS on those emails. Just today someone told me “I LOVE the ideas in there!”

I’m embarrassed…I don’t even remember what’s in them. And to me it seemed like basic information, but to local business owners who aren’t “into” internet marketing — this is all new to them — and I’m the one to introduce them to it — thanks to you!

All I can say is — these have been VERY effective for me! Thanks so much! I love your stuff — keep it coming!

Sarah Zeldman,
The E-Marketing Maven

Originally Posted by Howard88

I have to say, these emails are extreeeemely well-written and hit all the hot buttons that you need to hit when dealing with offline clients. I’m a fairly decent copywriter but these would have taken me at least a week to turn out and tweak so that they flow this well.

Mobile marketing is all about getting folks to take ACTION. Some of these offline businesses don’t even know what an autoresponder is and so getting them to take action by signing up on yours could be a big WOW factor for them when you explain it….

Business owner: “Wait, did you just say this kinda thing can be done with a text message too???”
Me: “Yup, sure can. Here’s how you sign up.”

Great job!

Hi Kim,

They R just what the doctor ordered

Keep up the great WSO’s


Tim Apps
The Web Design People
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Originally Posted by Temogen Amato
This product worked out pretty well and especially with the other Mobile PLR product. I will also be able to use these emails for another website as well. Quite useful…MORE PLEASE!

Congratulations on a great WSO!

I believe you were speaking direct to me in this 4-Step Blueprint when you talked about keeping it simple and working a system. The system you have laid out is very precise, detailed and step-by-step.

This is great for anyone from newbies just stepping into offline marketing all the way to the more advanced marketer who may find themselves overwhelmed from time to time. Just stick to the basics as you have laid out here and you will see success in the way of happy clients that will become repeat, long-term clients and this equals increased profits to you.

I will have to say that the philosophy behind your system and the detail that you include not only will work incredibly well. In addition to that I do not think a person will have any question about how to do this … it is laid out that well.

The bonus email eCourse templates are very informative to your prospect and the way you laid it out you simply need to make a change or two and you’re done for each niche you choose to implement this with.

All in all there will always be which is better and more productive, email or cold call but if cold calling means you will not do it … then I HIGHLY recommend that you get this detailed WSO from Kim as much thought has gone into this and I can tell she is speaking from experience with this.

I can tell you I will be implementing this as another way to prospect and build my book of business.

This is well worth what you are asking and in my honest opinion … much more if it makes the difference in whether a person takes action or not. And just to be clear … as great as this is … nothing will happen if a person doesn’t take action by implementing this simple yet highly effective system you have provided here.

Thank you Kim for providing such a resourceful system that anyone can follow and see success with.


Originally Posted by peter.max

It is a very clever but simple system to follow and should work for newbies and experienced offline marketers alike. It is four logical steps and now that I’ve read it, it is actually very obvious why it works.

The bonus PLR alone is worth investing in this and then you get the bonus of the 4 step system. It is a steal at the price and I would have expected it to be more expensive.

Thanks for sharing this novel idea.

Hey Kim
I just finished going through your WSO and I think it is great. Very quick and to the point…fluff free. I particularly liked how you talked about choosing a specific “niche” of offline biz owners to work with. That alone is worth the price of the report as a lot of people who get started in offline consulting don’t realize they need to SPECIALIZE in something.

For anyone looking to actually get clients in the offline world, I would highly suggest you invest the measly few bucks for this report. If you work the system Kim talks about, you can’t fail. You will get clients.

Also, if you are afraid of cold calling…Kim has some pretty cool tricks of getting clients without picking up the phone. I appreciated this as I hate cold calling too, although it works.

The pre written email series really tops it off. I’m beginning a campaign to target local restaurants in my area, with a few slight customizations these emails save me a lot of time from writing my own from scratch.

Kim makes it so easy that even a Caveman drunk on pre-historic Budweiser could get local clients. lol


I went through this system, and I must say I agree with the other reviewers. The bonus alone makes this EASILY worth the purchase, and Kim has priced this for less than I spent on lunch yesterday. (I too was surprised at the low price on this.

Another GREAT tactic to add to your prospecting toolkit!

Well done, Kim!




How much do I have to pay you to shut this WSO down?
At least jack the price up … I can’t believe you are letting people steal this for just $5.00.

Seriously … this is an incredible, “DONE FOR YOU” system that all a person need do is upload in their autoresponder or email system and this little baby will soft-sell 10 different business categories for you.

Once they receive these it is only a matter of time and your phone will be ringing of the hook with fresh, new clients seeking your help to market their offline business.

If they already have a website it will let them know what should and what should not be on their website.

In THEIR mind they will be asking themselves just how effective is their site and they will want you to do an evaluation for them just for your professional feedback. They will already know by the ecourse or report (depending how you use this) that their site doesn’t quite measure up if in fact it doesn’t.

Then Kim moves into SEO and the way she soft-sells this takes away from negative experiences that many biz owners may have had in the past … and they are starting to trust you because they see you as a person who has not tried to sell them anything. All you have done is educate them on what they should have if they want to effectively market and grow their business.

Several areas are discussed where they should be showing up and where they should be found online.

Kim discusses the need for an email followup system and how to generate REPEAT as well as NEW business. She educates them on customer loyalty.

If that were not enough … Kim now hits them with why they should be on Facebook, Twitter, etc and the value of what that can do to grow their business.

Educate, soft-sell and never once really do anything except give them all the information
so that they know what online marketing they should be doing if they want it done right.

Then she brings it on home with we know you are busy running your business and don’t have time for learning and implementing this too. If you have any questions or need any help please contact me and leaves her email and phone contact information and of course this would be YOUR information.

Kim … you are dangerous. You are so gentle and all the while moving the local business to contact whoever sends this to them.

Somebody is going to whip out their credit card and pay somebody something when they receive this ecourse.

If you are reading this and have made it this far … I have got to ask you … what are you waiting on?

This is a complete no-brainer if you are serious about growing your offline consulting business. BUY IT and IMPLEMENT IT NOW!

You will be glad you did.

A complete, done for you (and done well) SYSTEM!

Kim … PLEASE take this off the WSO market and let’s keep this our secret.

Congratulations Kim on another GREAT WSO!


Originally Posted by Jay Rhome

That’s what happens when you click on “New Posts”… you stumble on another WSO to buy

All of the stuff here is basically the same but with the name of the industry changed… but who cares? That’s good, basic stuff, with a good curiosity/call to action factor. Definitely worth the $5!

It’s a time saver basically, and time is money. For some reason, I’m good at creating content, except for auto-responders sequences, so me like it!

Originally Posted by peter.max

Kim, I’m in. The previous WSO that I bought from was great (see her sig) so I’m pretty sure this will also be outstanding

Update: I have to agree with Randy. Shut it down or put the price up. This is way too cheap for the time that you must have spent on it.

Thanks Kim,

This type of quality content is the ultimate business leveraging resource for offline marketing consultants.

Your WSOs give me the ability to leverage YOUR expertise and skills to grow MY business, and I don’t always realize it till something makes me step back to really see just how much I have gained from this investment.

OK…so yes I probably do spend way more money on WSOs than I should, but how can I really measure the ROI on a purchase like this? Like the commercial says, “Leveraging the expertise of a master marketer…PRICELESS!”

Roger Auge

Thanks Kim!

This was a no-brainer for offline marketing business. Out of your five reports, I can already use 3 of them as upsells to existing clients and generate more cash for my business.

I look forward to your Offline Marketer’s PLR Membership, you can count me in.



I swear you’re reading my mind as two of the five are professionals I’m targeting and two of the others are in the mix as well (but on a lesser basis as far as focusing on).

Just read through one of the reports and related email series and it looks great!

Definitely worth the price and I feel contacting business owners about JUST adding an autoresponder and these reports and emails is a great way to get your foot in the door rather than overwhelming them with SEO and other online marketing.

Thanks, Kim!


I’m a repeat buyer of Kim’s Offline PLR material … it’s TOP rate! I look forward to your subscription service.


Awesome package, Kim!

If you’re working with any of the above business types that Kim has created reports for or you just think you might at some point, you pretty much have to snag these.

The writing is top-notch and the amount of time/money you’ll save with writing these or outsourcing them makes it a no-brainer.

Two thumbs up and another quality WSO!


Originally Posted by prmoise76

Hi Kim

I just bought it and came back to say thank you for that awesome package. Now i can’t wait for the others.

Hey Kim,

These were great reports. We’ve already incorporated the chiropractor report into an advertising piece that we are sending out and will be using it for premium members of our directory.

The report needed a little fiddling only to localize it and we could have used it out of the box with only minimal changes to the author and report name.

Great value. You can count on me as a repeat customer.


Hi Kim,

Thanks for such an amazing WSO!

I (like many others) have bought many WSOs in the past only to be let down with the quality I am definitely NOT disappointed with this one, this WSO absoultely ROCKS!!!

I would have gladly paid your price for just one of these reports but to get 5 in total is making me feel kinda guilty

Thanks again,

I’ve bought every WSO that Kim has offered. I’ve been a member of this forum since 2002 and have bought many WSO’s over those years, mostly offline related or PLR. And, Kim’s PLR WSO’s are an amazing value for the money.

If you sell to offline service businesses, this is a must buy!


Originally Posted by Reg

Just purchased my 3rd package and wouldn’t do so if it wasn’t top value for the investment.

Ring up number 3 for me as well.

Kim’s reports are very well written and the followup emails just puts the icing on the cake.

Once again…



Kim hit another homerun!

These reports and email followups are terrific.

I bought the first… the second and am looking forward to the next round.

Thank you so much!



Again over deliver with her products keep them coming. Great quality at a very low price. For the best out there

Thanks again



Kim, has hit another ‘home run’! I purchased her 1st set, just purchased this set & plan on getting every one she offers.

If you do any selling of website/SEO/marketing to offine businesses, this is an amazing value for the price. Each set gives you 5 more markets for you to approach & sell to.

Let’s hope Kim doesn’t come to her senses and changes more!


Review: I’ve had the opportunity to read the email marketing course and I must say that for $9 this course is filled with QUALITY PLR material and would be a real asset to anyone’s tools. The course is both well written and has a good logical IM flow to it. I’m sure I will use it at some point and with only 100 copies out there I would get it while you can. No worries about PLR fluff here.

Hey Warriors,

Originally Posted by NickMann

Don’t wait, just buy… Kim’s stuff is top notch…

I’m on her list and I will tell you her info makes me money in my consulting business..

Keep it coming Kim..

I’ve bought Kim’s products before, and I am always excited when she comes up with new stuff, it helps me to grow my biz!

Just purchased the 4 pack!

Thanks Kim,


Hi Kim,

Purchased the 4 pack last night, and read through them this morning – quality content as always!!

The timing of this was PERFECT – I had just started to write out my marketing plan for Google Places & Social Media clients, now I have the lead capture pages sorted in an instant! What a time-saver…



Kim rocks! Her industry reports and email follow up messages have been an absolute boost to my local marketing business. I came across her Offline Client Catcher BLUEPRINT 2.0 last week and was so impressed with it (especially the short email prospecting emails and strategy within it) that I decided to take a look at what other products she had. Well this is one of her other products I found. And I must say I was very impressed. So impressed, in fact, that I bought all of her reports/emails in one large feel swoop. Yep no kidding. I was not asked to write this testimonial — I feel obligated to do it. I am doing it not just to help Kim out but to help my fellow warriors. As you know in the WarriorForum, it’s hard sometimes to tell the good from the bad products… well, this is definitely one of the better products here…no question. If you are reading this and are on the fence, you will not be disappointed. These are worth 5 to 10 times the amount she is charging. Message to Kim: Just cause they are worth more, please don’t raise your prices tho….

Keep up the great work Kim!

Just a quick review, as i’m about to leave the office. But Kim, this is stuff is ROCKSTAR! THANK YOU, JUST WHAT I NEEDED! 😀

I just read one of the reports and I just wanted to say they are top quality. You can’t get this quality for this price anywhere else.


This is great stuff and anyone who doesn’t take advantage is simply an idiot 😉

Hi Kim,

I’ve downloaded my packs and gone through them and I have to say that I am very happy with the quality of the materials that you have created. These are going to be invaluable in helping with my latest project.

Thanks again.


Great stuff and fast support respone getting me my first reports. I was hoping I got to select from your past reports since I have some domains on those particular topics that I didn’t have any reports for and your WSO filled the bill! Looking forward to what comes next.

Just when I had started to sort the TONS of PLR niche reports I already have on my hard drive to find something that I could offer to local business owners, Kim came along with her reports. That was perfect timing so naturally grabbed ALL the packages that she offered.

This saved me a lot of time because 95% of all the PLR niche stuff that is available elsewhere is not really suited for local businesses. And these reports and emails are short, but very high quality. And more importantly – highly targeted.

So thanks, Kim.

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